Strength training can come in many forms but it is the use of additional load to improve your body's ability to tolerate higher demands. This could be adding in bands or weights or simply doing single leg/arm activities instead of double.


Mobility and flexibility training aim to enhance your ability to move fully through range of motion. These exercises will be targeting regions that we identify as specifically limited or tight. These may be combined with weights or may be similar to standard stretching at times!


Balance and vestibular training is a type of training aimed at improving your motor control, balance, and ability to sense where you are in space. Exercises will combine different surfaces, ranges of motion, and visual demands to challenge your system. This will reduce your fall risk, improve your ability to change positions/postures quickly, and reduce the risk of future injuries! 


Getting out of pain is just the first step in getting back to your sport. With this type of training, we focus in on the specific demands of your sport or activity to create programming that will allow you to perform at the top of your game and reduce the risk of re-injury!