If we don't understand why we are in pain, it's awfully hard to understand how to get out of pain. We emphasize education on how pain works, why we have pain, and how to use this knowledge to reduce your pain over time and allow for full return to pain free!


Although we cannot create a custom meal plan for you, we can certainly educate you on the importance of diet and nutrition and give you some tips on how to be sure you are giving your body what it needs to be successful! Nutrition is a key component of setting our body up for healing and for success!


Sleep is a must-have for healing and pain reduction. We will take time to discuss your sleep routine, or lack there of, and chat about why sleep is so important for our recovery. We have some easy tips and tricks to implement to help you start getting the rest you need! 


This one should get its own page with how important this is in today's world. We are all stressed basically all the time. We will chat about some why this is so important, go over some simple strategies to get your stress under control, and set your body up for optimal healing/recovery!